All the accumulated experience motivated MOTOS BORDOY in 1999 to go one step further and create its own brand of motorbikes: MACBOR.

Thanks to the unique personality of the brand, as well as the outstanding quality/price ratio of its products and the excellent after-sales service, MOTOS BORDOY has managed to position MACBOR as a reference in both the light 125cc geared motorbikes market and the medium displacement market.

Here is a quick summary of MACBOR’s track record since its birth:

1999: MACBOR launches a line of children’s motorbikes. 

2017: MACBOR enters the 125/250 cc motorbike market.

2019: MACBOR is the 3rd player in the Spanish 125cc motorbike market.

 2020: MACBOR is absolute LEADER in the Spanish 125cc motorbike market.

2020: MACBOR enters the 500 motorbike range, launching its first adventure twin-cylinder Montana XR5

2020: MACBOR starts operations in the Portuguese market at the end of the year.

2021: MACBOR launches the Eight Mile 500 Scrambler & Street (November).







Avda. Castellbisbal 120
08191 Rubí (Barcelona)

Phone: + 34 93 588 11 33

MOTOS BORDOY S.A. has participated in the financial aid programme to promote the employment of people aged 30 and over. This action is promoted and subsidised by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.