KOVE founded in 2017, focusing on research and development, manufacturing and sales of mid-range and high-end large-displacement motorbikes. A company adheres to the brand principle and design concept of “focus on performance”, aiming to provide high quality sport motorbikes to motorbike enthusiasts around the world.

KOVE is the new venture of the MOTOS BORDOY Group: a new signature that expands the product portfolio and the business options that the Group offers to its entire Dealer network.

With the arrival of KOVE, the MOTOS BORDOY GROUP adds to its offer a brand that is not unknown to it. COLOVE, the company that owns KOVE, is the company that has been manufacturing under OEM modality, the MACBOR Montana XR5 and the MACBOR Eight Mile 500 SCR and STR.

The range of products that KOVE will market in Spain in 2023 will be announced soon. For its launch on the Spanish market, the brand will offer models in the NAKED, CLASSIC, ADVENTURE, RALLY RAID and SPORT segments, with an expansion of the range with more off-road and “R” models planned for 2024.







Avda. Castellbisbal 120
08191 Rubí (Barcelona)

Telephone: + 34 93 588 11 33

MOTOS BORDOY S.A. has participated in the financial aid programme to promote the employment of people aged 30 and over. This action is promoted and subsidised by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.